EMAG - European Mensas Annual Gathering

The EMAG is the largest international Mensa event in Europe. It started in 2008. Since then, around 500 participants from around 30 countries meet each year in varying locations.
EMAG stands for "European Mensas Annual Gathering" and is a conference organized by one or possibly a cooperation of two National Mensas in Europe. The conference language is English. The EMAG is an event for the regular Mensa member from all over the world, the goal is to learn, to connect and to have fun. As a conference, tax deductibility might apply. Traditionally the EMAG is open to the general public, non-Mensans can participate.

The EMAG is a 3-day-conference where sightseeing and other activities are offered too. Usually there are 3 parallel conferences at every given moment during the daytime. Speakers can be Mensans or non-Mensans, they should come from diverse countries. All conferences will be included in the conference fee. Other activities like sightseeing, meals and accommodation will have to be paid separately.

List of European Mensa Annual Gatherings

2008 Köln, Germany
2009 Utrecht, Netherlands
2010 Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Paris, France
2012 Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Bratislava, Slovakia
2014 Zürich, Switzerland
2015 Berlin, Germany
2016 Kraków, Poland
2017 Barcelona, Spain (August 2-6)
2018 Belgrade, Serbia (August 1-5)
2019 Ghent or Bruges, Belgium
2020 Brno, Czech Republic

If you are interested in hosting a future EMAG, please contact the EMAG Panel. Also, the panel has an open session at every EMAG, where you can meet them in person..

The EMAG is not supervised or steered by Mensa International (MI), Mensa International Limited (MIL) or the IBD, the International Board of Directors of Mensa International. No rules and regulations come from MI, MIL or the IBD nor do they decide about anything the EMAG panel does or how and where an EMAG is organized. As well, EMAGs or the EMAG panel do not have to meet criteria set by MI, MIL or the IBD. But MI and IBD can help to promote the EMAG, find organizers and in reverse, the EMAG might offer a location for meetings (ExComm, VIP, …).