EMAG Panel

The EMAG panel consists of former and recent organizers of EMAGs and those organizers who are already confirmed to organize an EMAG in the future. The purpose of the EMAG Panel is to ensure continuity and exchange of information and experience between past and future organisers. The EMAG panel makes the final (consensual) decision about the future organizers (date and place). But its main role is to help the future organizers to get a good EMAG together. With all the condensed experience and love from former EMAGs, the panel can ask questions, give answers, help with advice (e.g. negotiation) or even point out volunteers in other countries that will help to organize. As well the members of the Panel will help with promoting the EMAG.

How do we work?
There is always an open and a closed life session of the EMAG panel at every EMAG and around 2 Telcos per year. There is an email list where people interested in the organization of an EMAG can be added as well as a Facebook group. Everybody who is interested in organizing an EMAG can participate in the meetings and the Telcos of the panel.
The EMAG panel, in difference to other Mensa bodies, works in a consensus way. This means: There is no president/Chair of the panel, everybody does the work voluntarily and could replace everybody else in the panel. There is no written handbook. The panel avoids voting (winners/loosers), but tries instead to find solutions in a consensual way – up to now it always worked. As an example, if there are several candidates for organizing an EMAG in a certain year, the panel and the candidates will discuss together which reasons exist to organize the EMAG in this certain year. Up to now, consensual decisions were made, and the other candidate organized the EMAG the year after. As the EMAG panel is totally independent from Mensa International, it makes and modifies its own regulations.

How to apply?
Every EMAG (including financial responsibilities) is handled by the organizing Mensa alone therefor the National Board has to aggree to be responsible. The EMAG is a huge advertising opportunity for the organizing Mensa (“the most intelligent city in Europe”) and a good stimulus to bring inactive members to volunteer. Usually an increase of people interested in joining Mensa will be seen after the EMAG.
If you want to organize a future EMAG, please contact us. To apply to organize an EMAG, the proposal does not need to meet bidding criteria. After offering to organize an EMAG (via email or by contacting a Panel member, every candidate will be invited and asked questions from the EMAG panel (usually at the life session at the EMAG, in exceptions via telco). If all questions are answered to the satisfaction of the panel and when the possible organizers are still willing to do an EMAG, a decision can be made.

The EMAG panel is in the process of offering a universal website for all future EMAGs as well as a booking system. (This is not finalized yet.)

Current Members
2008 Christine Warlies (Cologne, Germany)
2009 Arjen van der Lely (Utrecht, Netherlands)
2010 Petr Mazal, Tomas Blumenstein (Prague, Czech Republic)
2011 Cécile Besnier (Paris, France)
2012 Monika Orski (Stockholm, Sweden)
2013 Hana Dojcanova (Bratislava, Slovakia)
2014 Mark Dettinger (Zurich, Switzerland)
2015 Gabriele Meindl (Berlin, Germany)
2016 Magdalena Wasik (Kraków, Poland)
2017 Elena Sanz (Barcelona, Spain)
2018 Alexandra Borovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
2019 Stéphanie Querrière, Wim Verveet (Belgium)
2020 Tomas Blumenstein (Brno, Czech Republic)
Group Email
panel at emag-mensa.eu