EMAG 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia

The EMAG 2018 will take place in Belgrade from August 1st to August 5th 2018.
The main venue will be the hotel Metropol Palace.

For more information and for the registration, please visit emag.mensa.rs.


Hotel Metropol Palace

Bidding for EMAG 2021 is on!

We are happy that we already have found three National Mensas who will be the hosts of the next three EMAGs: Mensa Serbia in 2018, Mensa Belgium in 2019, and Czech Mensa in 2020.
But it is never too early to put yourself on the waiting list! If you are interested in hosting the EMAG 2021, please write us. And then let's talk about it in detail at the EMAG panel workshop at the EMAG 2018.

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