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What is EMAG?

EMAG is a yearly 3-day-conference in Europe with lectures and workshops as well as a large side program. The abbreviation EMAG stands for "European Mensas Annual Gathering", meaning: Each year a different national Mensa organisation in Europe will take responsibility for planning, organizing and holding the EMAG. All the work is done by volunteers, the speakers are volunteers too. Goal of the EMAG is to learn, to connect and to have fun, in other terms, to enable creating bonds and friendships on an international level. Typically, more than 500 participants from all over the world join, from all age groups.

EMAG takes place in late July/early August. The conference language is English.

This event targets the regular Mensa member from all over the world. Traditionally EMAG is open to the general public, non-members compelled by the idea of being in a fast learning environment can participate.

What is typical at an EMAG?

In late July or early August, the EMAG starts at a Wednesday with the Icebreaker. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are the conference days on which at every given moment during the day several lectures and workshop will take place at the conference venue. Outside activities are offered for the leisure time, to help create international awareness as well as getting to know the hosting city and country. The conference is concluded on Saturday night with a gala event or themed eventíng. A farewell brunch on Sunday gives the opportunity for last goodbyes.

The EMAG became a fixed point in many participants’ lives who decide to extend their stay, so at the organiser’s discretion, activities could be offered before or after the conference. Often, after tours are offered as well.

As a conference, tax deductibility might apply.

The EMAG panel

The EMAG panel is a committee that consists of former, recent and future EMAG organisers. The panel is the first point of contact when a national Mensa organisation thinks about hosting an EMAG in its country. The EMAG panel chooses the future destinations by caring about the expected standards and format of the conference. All panel members will support with their expertise the organisers and prospective organisers throughout the whole organisational process. The EMAG panel meets in person at every EMAG and will be able to answer your questions directly. You can reach the EMAG panel by email too.

Other regions of the world

The concept of EMAG has been successfully transferred to the Asian-Pacific region. Once a year, the AMG, the "Asian-Pacific Mensa Gathering", will take place in a different country of this region. In 2019, New Zealand offered a conference in May. 2020, Korea was expecting visitors to their conference - until the pandemic hit and everything had to be postponed. 2021, Malaysia planed to host the AMG, a second time, after starting it successfully in 2011. For 2022, Korea is confirmed as organiser of the respective AMG.

Further regions of the world are considering implementing an adapted version, like the GLAM: the Gathering of Latin American Mensas.