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How it all started

The first EMAG was in 2008, in Cologne, Germany, and for some days Cologne was declared by the media as "the most intelligent city in Europe".

The goal in creating EMAG was to implement a conference where people with a high IQ can enthusiastically learn at their own speed. For many intelligent people learning is fun, but regular conferences may not deliver the information fast enough. Therefore, EMAG offers lectures and workshops on diverse topics at a pace more suited to their quick minds.

Outdoor and evening activities can be chosen as well.

The story continues

This now yearly multiday event takes place at the end of July or in early August.

Many other countries successfully hosted an EMAG. After Cologne in 2008 came Utrecht (2009), Prague (2010), Paris (2011), Stockholm (2012), Bratislava (2013), Z├╝rich (2014), Berlin (2015), Krakow (2016), Barcelona (2017) and Belgrade (2018). Ghent was the 12th EMAG conference city in 2019.

The future of EMAG

The next EMAGs were already in the planing stages - when the global pandemic brought a halt to everything. The 13th EMAG, in 2020, should have taken place in Brno, but was then switched to 2021. At the moment, April 2021, the organisers stay optimistic and are planning ahead. In May 2021, a final decission about EMAG 2021 will be made. 2022 will bring the EMAG to Strasbourg.

If you and your National Mensa are interested in hosting an EMAG in your country, please contact the EMAG panel for further information.