19.02.2019 00:11

Summer is coming!

Prepare for the summer with your friends! Registration on our website is open. Registering will allow you to receive information about the upcoming EMAG by email.

Early-bird bookings will start on Friday 1st March 2019, 9am (GMT). The window to get the early bird rate will be open from then to 9am (GMT) on Friday 17th May 2019.

09.12.2018 16:05

EMAG 2019 in Ghent supported by government

The organizers of EMAG 2019 are grateful to the Government of the Province of East-Flanders for its support and sponsorship of the event, with a special thanks to Mr Jozef Dauwe.

30.10.2018 00:00

Next to come: EMAG 2019 - the tastiest EMAG ever!

The next EMAG will take place in Ghent, Belgium, from August 7th to August 11th 2019. The main venue for the conference will be the ICC Conference center in Ghent. Recommendations for accommodation will be made later by the organisers.

Come, join us and enjoy:

Conferences, workshops, games, beautiful architecture, museums - as well as:

Chocolates! - Fries! - Beers! - Waffles!

Please stay tuned for more information.

If you want to give a lecture please contact the organisers

A social media group can be found on Facebook already.

30.10.2018 00:00

How to contact the EMAG panel

For more info on how to organise an EMAG, please contact the EMAG panel

30.10.2018 00:00

Plan ahead: EMAG 2020/2021

The EMAG 2020 will take place in Brno, Czech Republic. The time is not fixed yet, but as usually the EMAG will be hold between and of July and early August.

The EMAG 2021 will move to Arhus, Denmark.

More information will be given as soon as it is available.

12.08.2018 18:08

EMAG 2018 in Belgrade successfully concluded!

With nearly 600 participants the EMAG in Belgrade was the largest EMAG so far. The local organisational team of volunteers did a tremendous job in preparing the event and supporting all participants and lecturers during the conference.

A diverse program was offered with 34 lectures from high quality specialists and 17 workshops. Most of them ended with brainstorming sessions, showing how interested the participants were in the topics.

By the courtesy of the city government of Belgrade, the Icebreaker took place in the Belgrade City Assembly Building, the former royal court. A dinner cruise on the Danube river with live music was one of the evening highlights.

Additionally, 12 sightseeing events and two after tours could be booked to discover the beauty of Belgrade and Serbia in general. The participants enjoyed themselves with many more activities outside the conference hours, making international friendships.

The media was really interested and brought lots of attention to the EMAG and to Mensa in general. The topic of high intelligence and high giftedness was addressed publicly. More than 30 newspapers published articles (in print and on the internet), and the EMAG was featured in 8 TV shows.

Leaving Belgrade was hard for the participants, and many voices were heard: "See you next year in Ghent!"


You can download the photos to use them for media and marketing purposes

Ghent old town
Ghent by the river
Sponsoring EMAG in Ghent
EMAG 2019 puzzle piece